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Monday, December 20, 2010

NEW CONTEST: 12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 - Kimberla Lawson Roby (Winners Announced!)

Love, Honor, and BetrayContest for 12 Days of Christmas - Day 8: Kimberla Lawson Roby - Details Inside...

Visit http://www.URBANREVIEWSONLINE.COM to enter this contest and others!


UR said...

CONGRATS GOES OUT TO: Monika M. of CA, Celeste W. of FL, Tiffany M. of IL, Nia S. of PA, and Yolanda M. of MI.

They all won the Day 8 giveaway for a copy of LOVE, HONOR, AND BETRAY by Kimberla Lawson Roby for the 12 Days of Christmas promotion.

See what today's giveaway is and how you can enter at

beautifulcurare said...

Thanks! I didn't know I won, lol! So getting the book was a great surprise!

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