Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Forthcoming: Anjel - Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart
July 15, 2007

Singer Kia Haughton and rapper David Green can t believe there good fortune when they are assigned to work on a song together. The two were best friends as children and despite being separated as adults neither has been closer to another. David accepts Kia s offer to stay with her while in town and all is perfect until they both begin to develop more than just a friendly love for the other. Both Kia and David struggle against their feelings only to succumb to the inevitable. A night together in Kia s bed and both are sure that in the other the perfect mate was found. A misunderstanding soon follows that not only destroys their budding love affair but threatens to end their friendship altogether. The next few years bring many twists for the two, including marriage by David to another and a terrible secret from Kia. Through it all, neither stopped longing for the other. Will fate smile on these friends and lovers and allow them to find their way back to each other or is the love they shared gone and lost forever.

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