Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Forthcoming: Leila Jefferson - He's A Keeper

Leila Jefferson
He's A Keeper

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Toni is ecstatic when her latest make-up with Eric leads to a marriage proposal. Despite the many lows that have accompanied their nine-year relationship, each of them is sure the other is their soul mate. There is nothing the couple can't share. A fact that is never more evident than when a wild night in Reno, just weeks before their wedding day, leads to a threesome with another woman. The wild times continue and the days leading up to the wedding are a blur of sex and drugs. Things grow more complicated when shortly after their wedding the couple is expecting their third child. For Toni, the adjustment to being both married and an expectant mother become the central themes in her life. For Eric, the party never stops and he continues to live like a man with no commitment. Though disappointed in Eric's actions, Toni consoles herself with thoughts of the normalcy that will return to their relationship once she gives birth. A beautiful baby girl is born but Toni soon realizes that nothing will ever be the same for the couple again. When all is said and done will this wife and mother be able to repair the damage done to her relationship or will she be forced to leave in order to secure the health and happiness of herself and her children.

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