Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Forthcoming : Janet Stevens Cook - Black Skyy

Janet Stevens Cook
Black Skyy
Available July 10, 2007
Meet Skyy, a fantastic new superhero - and sensitive assassin - who defends the
helpless and brings justice to those who cannot fight for themselves.
Sandora "Sandy" Knight is an enigma even to those who know her. Running a
Fortune 500 company by day, she sheds her hip-hop cosmopolitan identity by night
to become the Lady in Black, also called Skyy, a sexy, smart vigilante who
protects the innocent from child molesters, rapists, serial killers, and other
low-life scum.


The first novel in The Lady in Black series Black Skyy weaves an

intricate tale of heroism, lethal beauty, and intoxicating eroticism. Skyy

believes she is called by God to use her abilities to save others from the

brutality of life - even if her methods are questionable at times. Set in both

New York and Washington, D.C., Black Skyy follows Skyy's adventures in

all their sensational and sensual thrills as she employs her uncanny intellect

to capture and punish evildoers. Battling not only the bad guys, but also her

inner conflicts, Skyy must fight to find her place and purpose in life, as both

a woman and a symbol of justice.


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