Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Forthcoming: Francis Ray - Undeniable

Francis Ray
Undeniable (Kimani Press)
Available Now!


When wealthy Texas heiress Rachel Malone defied her powerful father to elope with Logan Prescott, Logan truly believed that their marriage was forever. But that was before a trumped-up assault charge set the whole townand the woman he lovedagainst him. With a heart full of pain, Logan fled Stanton . . . and the bittersweet memories of the passion he and Rachel had shared.


When Rachel met Logan, she thought she'd found the perfect love . . . until he betrayed her and her family. Now, eight years later, he was back . . . more arrogant and dangerously seductive than ever. And this time the stakes were higher. For Logan clearly wanted revenge. He also wanted Rachel.


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