Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Forthcoming: Joanne Skerrett - Letting Loose

Joanne Skerrett
Letting Loose
July 31, 2007
Paradise When It Sizzles...
Boston schoolteacher Amelia Wilson has always played it safe. But after a tough breakup from her boyfriend, she’s ready to have some fun and take a few risks. So when friends hook Amelia up online with Drew Anderson, she takes the plunge and visits the small Caribbean island where he lives. Drew’s e-mails showed he had a sense of humor and a sweet side, but when she meets him, she can’t take her eyes off his fine, chiseled, chocolate body. She can’t stop wondering how his hands would feel on her. Soon, Drew takes Amelia on a journey of unbridled pleasure, where no rules exist and anything goes. Now with sun-kissed days and tropical nights filled with Drew’s warm caresses, Amelia’s life is far from predictable. She finally has the happiness she’s always been craving. But Amelia’s about to discover that even a delicious slice of paradise can have its secrets...

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