Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Forthcoming: Patricia Pickett - Hearts Never Lie

Patricia Pickett
Hearts Never Lie
July 15, 2007

Mariposa Sota knows all too well the pain of dreams deferred. Whether dealing with the disappointment of being abandoned by her daughter's father, working tirelessly at a dead-end job only to lose it, or watching helplessly as those she loves the most fall victim to the same streets they are all trying to escape, one thing is clear to Mariposa: Whenever she puts her all into something heartbreak is sure to follow. For Caesar Simpson life had always been lived behind the eightball. The firstborn child to an absentee father and drug-addicted mother, Caesar is the only real parent his younger siblings knew. With the love of his homies and an unbridled love for 'the life' Caesar maintained despite hardship. After a five year prison term he's back in Denver and is intent on living right. When Caesar runs into Mariposa, the beautiful woman that had somehow blossomed from the silly little girl that use to follow him around neighborhood, he knew he had found the only good thing that life would ever show him. Problem is, she is his best homies little cousin which makes her off-limits. Despite his efforts, Caesar can't help loving her. For Mariposa the return of her first crush, a man she has loved all her life, makes her more vulnerable than ever. They say hearts never lie, but people do. Will heartbreak, pain and death keep them apart or will their feelings for one another rise above all else?

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