Friday, July 06, 2007

The Forthcoming: Kashamba Williams - Mind Games

Kashamba Williams
Mind Games
July 2007

Imagine being 25 year old Serenity Wells. She's trying to raise two children while living in the basement of her mother's house with her 'has been' husband Kyron, who's finally home from a 3-year prison bid. When it comes to beauty Serenity ups pageant standards. Ironically, when it comes to insecurity and lack of trust, Kyron tops them all. Their lives wouldn't be that bad if Serenity hadn't cheated on him and to make matters worse, had a baby on him! Serenity's tired and so is Kyron trying to make this young marriage work. However, when both of them invite extra curricular activities in, the love returns. Or, does it? Will love overrule betrayal, or have they been playing Mind Games with each other?

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