Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Forthcoming: L.A. Banks - The Cursed

L.A. Banks
The Cursed
Available July 10, 2007
From the national bestselling author L.A. Banks comes a walk on the wild side with the ninth novel in the popular Vampire Huntress Legend series. The Chairman has been killed and now Lilith, Satan's Consort, sits on the vampire throne as the Vampire Council's new Chairwoman. She raises all the dark covens--calling every major dark witch and warlock to do her bidding. Her goal is to distract the team members, while the unborn heir to the Dark Realms awaits his own birth. All Lilith needs now is Damali's newly discovered angelic powers to make that come to pass. That will allow her evil progeny to walk through the veil between worlds and take his throne as the true Anti-Christ. Damali and her crew race to stop Lilith. However, raising not only the dark covens, but all vampires that had not been slain by Damali, puts the world out of balance and kicks off the Armageddon.

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