Friday, July 27, 2007

The Forthcoming: Mary B. Morrison - Sweeter Than Honey

Mary B. Morrison
Sweeter Than Honey
July 31, 2007

The New York Times bestselling author who brought you the ups and downs of playboy Darius Jones and his mother Jada Diamond Tanner breaks new ground with a sizzling series about what it means to struggle for what the heart desires. In this tale, Honey Thomas, a survivor who’s risked everything to reinvent herself, now must decide what kind of life—and love—she wants.
Lace St. Thomas operates Immaculate Perception, a wildly successful Las Vegas firm that pairs wealthy male clients with the sexiest female escorts. It’s the smoothest operation in town until one of her most requested girls turns up dead. But instead of answering her tough questions, her boss, Valentino James, wants Lace to keep her mouth shut, and bribes her boyfriend, Benito Bannister, to keep her in line—by any means necessary.
Her life in danger, Lace fakes her death and flees to Atlanta, Georgia. Renaming herself Honey Thomas, she creates a counseling company that helps victimized women piece their lives back together. Her new life comes with a new man—Grant Hill. Wealthy, handsome, a Washington D.C. up-and-comer, he’s had his heart broken once and never wants to remarry. But Honey’s a temptation he can’t resist, though her dark past could tear them apart…
Now that Honey is calling her own shots, she’s determined to expose Valentino’s bloody secret. And no one’s going to stand in her way, including Grant, who is there strictly for her orgasmic pleasure. But when Valentino and Benito join forces, it will take everything Honey has to flip this bad-news script and fight to save everything she’s worked for. And the hardest thing of all will be finding the courage to gamble on love one last time…



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