Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Forthcoming: Shawan Lewis - Help Wanted

Shawan Lewis
Help Wanted (re-release)
Available Now!
Brace yourself as you experience how the compromised lives of four women are entangled in this powerful drama. Help Wanted is a page-turning tale that reveals sex, scandal and deceit. A botched drug deal forces college student, Hailee Shaw in the arms of a notorious gangster, Lucas Blacke. Hailee sells her body and soul to this thug, in a desperate effort to save her heroin addicted mother's life, who happens to be the other woman. R&B singer, Onyx Devoe encounters a brief relationship with a NBA player who leaves her heartbroken after the devastating death of their newborn child. Paris Parker, a single mom, lands an internship at an investment firm. Her career is jeopardized when her conniving boyfriend sleeps with her supervisor's wife. Effie Peters adores Clarence, her husband of forty years. Clarence's affair with a younger woman leads to death, bringing two conflicting lives face to face in a prison cell. Wait! There is a silver lining in the clouds for each of these four women. Their unpredictable trials link them to a love supreme...incomparable to anything on earth.

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