Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Forthcoming: Dakota Knight - Biker Chick

Dakota Knight
Biker Chick

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Crystal Sell is a Biker Chick, and not one of those honeys who hang on the back of motorcycles with her arms around some random man. Crystal likes to ride alone on what she calls her “steel” and is the self-proclaimed “baddest bitch on who wheels”. Initially hustling knock-off designer purses and bootleg DVDs and CDs to make ends meet, Crystal meets Dayshon Jackson of the Phantom Cruz, a local motorcycle gang, and begins living the life of wifey. When their sweet life goes sour, Crystal if forced from their home and finds herself working at a gentleman’s club. But Crystal managers to take a bad situation and make it an enterprise when she comes up with a grand idea to market the dancers and make it at the club. Before she knows it, she has turned one of her best friends, Lala, into an exotic dancer superstar. But how Lala repays her catches Crystal off guard and Crystal finds herself seeking revenge with the intent to end someone’s life. Biker Chick gives new definition to the saying, “ride or die chick”.

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