Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Forthcoming: Zoe & Yusuf T. Woods - Blood Of My Brother

Zoe & Yusuf T. Woods
Blood Of My Brother

September 30, 2007

In the rough streets of Philly, money is like air. You can’t live without it but you can die trying to get it. Zoe & Yusuf T. Woods present Blood of My Brother which is a high energy suspense novel, full of drama that puts you right in the middle of the street life. Many have lost themselves by not using the rules that are laid out in this story. Zoe & Yusuf T. Woods introduce you to Roc and his right hand man Boggy. Roc is a boss that makes noise with his hands and not with his mouth as a true Don does.

Together, Roc and Boggy have come a long way. From having their ribs touch due to not having enough to eat, to sitting side by side on a G4 overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. However, it’s hard to stay at the top when so many people want your spot. Roc has seen the jealousy, disrespect, and betrayal that come along with being the top dog but the devastating move that comes his way is one that takes things to a new level.

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