Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Forthcoming: Madame K - Freak In The Sheets

Freak In The Sheets
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Librarian Raquelle Scott has reached an all-time high boredom level with her job, her love-life, and her social life. The man she loves is engaged to a nasty little socialite, and her ex-con boyfriend has just reappeared in her life.

Raquelle's best friend Layla Lane is tired of working like a slave for her high-strung, high-class father, and her relationship with her finace leaves her feeling bland.

Raquelle and Layla decide to put their knowledge of sexuality and business to use and open up a freak school, teaching men and women how to please their lovers beyond belief while enjoying themselves in the process.

But trouble brews when Layla gets caught up in the life of pleasure, and Raquelle's life is threatened.

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