Friday, September 14, 2007

The Forthcoming: Kamryn Donavan - Getting Lucky

Kamryn Donavan
Getting Lucky
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Macon Street Apartments isn’t your typical residence and its residents are far from your run of the mill neighbors.
Peaches doesn’t care to know a man's name, she only wants to know the size of his wallet. And for the right price, this stripper has no problems taking Mr. Moneybags home for a private show.
Romello is a hustler in love. But even after nine years and three kids, with his girlfriend Jewel, he’s having commitment issues, and refuses to be tied down. “There are far too many available and willing women in the world.” And right now, there's no woman he wants more than Peaches, and he’s determined to get her without pay the cost.
Craig is a handsome and successful businessman who gives his wife Alisha the world. Their marriage is drama free, except for Alisha’s mettlesome friend Ladonna, who is hellbent on luring Craig away for herself.
And just when it seems like life at Macon Street Apartments couldn't have any more drama, the summer soon heats up when sexy and mysterious Jermaine "Lucky" Thompson moves in. It doesn't take long for the other residents here to find out you don't call him lucky for nothing.


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