Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Forthcoming: Lawrence Ross - Skin Game

Lawrence Ross
Skin Game
Available Now!

Meet Keisha Montez: a gorgeous college student on the brink of stardom. All she has to do is put her assets to work...
Keisha Montez is drop-dead beautiful with a knockout body that doesn’t quit. She’s also one very smart, tough woman with big hopes for her future. Keisha wishes she didn’t have to strip at L.A.’s Chi-Chi Club, but it’s the only way she’ll make enough money to attend UCLA and see her dreams become reality...

Steven Cox has big ideas too. As the head honcho at the very profitable PIMP Magazine, Steven is poised to take the skin game to the next level. He needs the hottest woman the world has ever seen. When his talent scouts tell him about a new chick they’ve discovered, he has his doubts until he sees Keisha Montez strut across the stage. Blown away by her bombshell good looks and her sexy moves, Steven knows he’s found his star. Now he’s got to teach her the ropes and get her to see things his way. But Steven is about to learn that Keisha isn’t like most other young women hungry for fame and willing to do anything for the limelight...

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