Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Forthcoming: Patricia Sargeant - On Fire

Patricia Sargeant
On Fire
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A love this hot knows no rules...

A high stakes lesson ... Charleston Times reporter Sharon MacCabe has worked hard to move from intern to full-fledged journalist. So when a series of arson fires across the city turns into a string of murders, she's ready to investigate. But her excitement soon turns to disappointment when her boss gives the assignment to a senator's nephew. Determined to prove herself, Sharon decides to probe the case on her own. But first she'll have to gain the trust of Charleston's new Fire Captain...

In love and trust ... Matthew Payton has reason to be wary of reporters. As a firefighter in Pittsburgh, the press falsely accused him of arson in a blaze that killed his own sister, leading him to resign. Now he's trying to bury that painful chapter and start over. When Sharon insists on collaborating, Matthew is suspicious yet also attracted to this lovely, tenacious young woman--and the feeling is mutual. As the two work closely together, Matthew finds his defenses breaking down, and his heart opening up. But their growing intimacy is about to be threatened when they discover they are pawns in a corrupt political game, one that may cost them their love--and their lives....

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