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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Forthcoming: Richard Jeanty - Sexual Exploits of a Nympho Part 2

Richard Jeanty
Sexual Exploits of a Nympho Part 2
Available Soon!
Just when Darren thinks his relationship with Tina is flourishing, there is yet another hurdle on the road hindering their bliss.

As Darren becomes more involved with his job and career, Tina finds that she's playing second fiddle; something she's not used to. Tina saw a therapist to deal with her sexual addiction, but Darren is now wondering if she was ever treated completely. Darren has not been taking care of home and Tina is frustrated and agrees to a break-up with Darren. Darren figures a short break from their relationship might bring Tina back to her senses, so he thought.

Will Darren lose Tina forever to another man?  Will Tina realize that Darren is the best man for her?  Come along for a bumpy ride as the relationship between Darren and Tina is explored further in this page-turning sequel.

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