Monday, September 03, 2007

The Forthcoming: Kaira Denee - Take It There

Kaira Denee
Take It There
Available Now!

Three friends learn the importance of self respect, trust and self confidence…the hard way!

Tanya Mitchell is a professional Art Director by day, but by night she’s the freak of the week; pursuing men solely based upon their clothes, looks and cars. Once she realizes her way of thinking is dangerous, will it be too late for her to fix the mess she gets herself into?

Shari is at first happily married to Dexter and stands out as the more responsible and mature one of the group. However, when she agrees to let Tanya’s younger sister Tangie stay with her and Dexter, her suspicion that they’re having an affair overtakes her better judgment.

All of Nia Lopez’s life she’d been teased by her half sisters and made to feel inadequate; not a real Black woman, due to her father’s Cuban heritage. Further conflict arises when Nia’s ex boyfriend re-enters her life. Can she forgive him for the terrible things he did in the past and learn to trust again?

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