Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Forthcoming: T. P. Carter - Lovestoned

T.P. Carter
September 25, 2007
With an unforgettable voice, Essence® bestselling author T.P. Carter delivers a stunning novel that takes readers into the mind and heart of an artist who loves like crazy…
Islam Ian has the world at his feet. Everywhere the talented and in-demand young painter goes—the galleries, the nightclubs, even on the streets of London and New York—women find themselves drawn to him. Although most men can only dream about having such a life, Islam feels nothing but emptiness. Every encounter is just another fling, every breakup the same. Tired of lackluster relationships and meaningless sex, Islam is ready to call it quits.


Then one night at a party, he is drawn to a mysterious woman who blows him away, a woman who can melt him with just a glance. After just a brief encounter, Islam can’t get her off his mind. But as he falls deeper in love, his intense desire for this woman drives him to unpredictable emotional heights and forces him to question his morals, his limits, his beliefs, and even his sanity...

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