Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Forthcoming: Monique Miller - Secret Sisterhood

Monique Miller
Secret Sisterhood
September 25, 2007

In Secret Sisterhood, Shelby Tomlilnson's job, working as a registered nurse in an infertility clinic adds to her inner struggle of not being able to conceive a child.  Shelby turns her attention to God, praying for guidance and hoping His word is true-that He will not give her more than she can bear.

Crystal Shaw has two dreams; one is to open her own daycare center and the other is to have a child of her own.  Currently working in a daycare center caring for other people's children, she often becomes frustrated and finds herself judging people and wondering why God would bless them with children and not her. Will Crystal learn how to trust God in all the areas of her life, even when things seem at their worst?
Vivian Parker is rich, has the man of her dreams and has planned her life to a tee; Even down to when she'll get married and have children.  Vivian learns that sometimes plans have to be altered.  Feelings of not being able to have the one thing she wants most in the world causes memories of the past to surface and she is forced to re-evaluate her faith in God.

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Anonymous said...

This book is great. It was inspiring. At times it made me laugh it made me cry. This author is definately one to keep your eyes on.

Durham, NC

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