Saturday, December 31, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Charmaine R. Parker - The Next Phase Of Life

Charmaine R. Parker
The Next Phase of Life
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1 out of 5 books

The Next Phase of Life by Charmaine R. Parker is the story of friendship and family. Tai Wilson just celebrated her 40th birthday and unfortunately the man she expected to spend it with was a no show to the elaborate party she through. Although Tai is a successful entrepreneur of an employment agency called The Next Phase of Life and helping those that are trying to move on to the next phase of life by being self-sufficient, she cannot seem to find her prince charming.

When Tai logs into her Facebook account, she sees a message from her long lost sister Trista. Shortly thereafter, Tai invites Trista to come stay with her until she can get on her feet. With her sister living with her, it gives little time for the budding romance she has with her new man. Tai is blind to the fact that her sister is harboring resentment towards her from their past. Will Trista be able to let go of her past hurts to finally have a relationship with her sister, or will she push the only family she has away?

The Next Phase of Life by Charmaine R. Parker was a very slow moving story. The stories the women of the story share with one another from back in the day when they were in highschool to the present was too detailed and irrelevant to the storyline. The story was entirely too detailed from what the characters in the story ate to what they wore (name dropping designer labels), thus making for a poor read. The story begins to pick up approximately 60 pages until the end, and unfortunately that was too rushed. The one thing I did enjoy about this story is that Ms. Parker brought some independent, successful black women within her characters.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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