Saturday, December 31, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Shelia M. Goss - Ruthless

Shelia M. Goss
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5 out of 5 books

If you are familiar with the bible story of David & Bethesda, then you will surely enjoy the modern day twist of their story in the new book, Ruthless by Shelia Gross. David King, a very successful media mogul that has everything money can buy… from fast cars, private jets, and women at his beck and call. David finds himself in a comprising position when he sets his sights on his employee’s wife, Bathsheba Richards.

Determined to get Bathsheba to himself, he sends Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah on assignment to Afghanistan. With her husband away for 6 months, David King, a.k.a. King David, sets out to make Bathsheba fall in love with him. It won’t be as easy as he thinks because Bathsheba is dealing with some personal problems of her own.

While fulfilling her duties as nurse, Bathsheba finds out the shooting victim that has been admitted to the hospital is her long-lost sister, Delilah.

Like the old saying goes, “When the cat’s away, the mouse will play...” Will Bathsheba fall for the charms of David King? Is Delilah who she claims to be? How far will David King go to get what he wants?

Sheila Goss does an excellent job bringing a new millennium twist to some familiar characters of the bible. I love how the author showed the character’s vulnerability in their given situation. One common thread in this story was the ability to lean on GOD no matter what the situation is. I highly recommend Ruthless.

Reviewed by Orsayor for Urban Reviews

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