Saturday, December 31, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Marlon McCaulsky - Pink Palace II: Money, Power, And Sex

Marlon McCaulsky
Pink Palace II: Money, Power, And Sex
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3.5 out of 5 books

Nicole ‘Nikki’ Bell and Andre ‘Dre’ Wade have created their own little peaceful world, complete with baby Tyler. Nikki left the stripper pole in the past, Dre has gone legit and they are syncing beyond recognition. A lover’s getaway, a single phone call, and one unchallenged threat alters their utopia. Malachi Turner is now the sheisty owner of The Pink Palace and he rules with an iron thumb. He has a nonsensical attitude, and he’s about his business of money, power and sex. Jacqueline ‘Jasmine’ Dawson is the top biller at the club and she dabbles with women as well as men, but her main focus is getting that paper! She loves the lifestyle that she has attained with the presentation of her body despite the fact that she has a solid education complete with a degree.

Marlon McCaulsky has penned a continuation of life within the sexually charged walls of The Pink Palace with a few familiar faces. Greed, theft, murder, bribery, treachery, drugs, sordid sex, threats, manipulation, a tad bi of suspense, and even more steamy sex scenes thrive within these pages of sex sells, sex sells, and yes…sex sells. Malachi Turner is not someone to be dismissed or taken lightly, but can his reign of tyranny be overthrown? Who would have the gall to go up against this evil giant? Will Nikki’s attempt to fix her family’s problems only bring more drama, or will she accomplish all that she sets out to correct? When Jasmine feels threatened, will she react or will she be able to get her emotions in check and see the picture clearly? The Pink Palace II was an easy read with a nice flow, but it had no real excitement to build an unforgettable momentum. I found one major con in this read and it is the inconsistency of the Jamaican dialect, which proved to be a major distraction.

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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