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NEW REVIEW: Noel Dejesus - Sexed By Six

Noel Dejesus
Sexed By Six
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2.5 out of 5 books

Each character's actions in Sexed By Six were based off their impulses, and rather than making mature decisions, they impulsively did whatever they wanted. Of the six main characters, all but one had the ability to resist his impulses and care enough about consequences to think through an act.

After four years of dating, Jasmine (Jazz) is still looking for Jay to settle down and put a ring on her finger. What Jazz doesn’t seem to get is at this time, Jay has it all and there really isn’t any incentive to marry. She’s beautiful, he’s calling her his fiancé, and he has a host of friends and a great job. But still, he wants more and continues to satisfy his impulses outside of the relationship. Once again, Jay is on the prowl, adding yet another notch in his playa belt. This time he meets a stranger who turns his life upside down. But karma is something different, and it is written that “as she has planted, so does she harvest; such is the field of karma” Watch out Jay!

Four months ago, Will met Keisha and they hit it off. He fell fast for her. You see, Will was waiting for THE ONE, and in his mind, THE ONE was Keisha. So when she told him that she was pregnant, Will never missed a beat and began preparing to be a father. But as quick as he received that news, Keisha had another surprise for him waiting in his bed when he returned from work.

Also part of the six we meet Demarcus, one of my favorite supporting characters. What started as a booty call continued ringing that way for Dee and Tyra. Unfortunately Dee let curiosity get the best of him. Impulse directed his actions and his evidence was laid out for Tyra to see when she returned home.

Sexed by Six: Balancing Lust and Deception explores the mind of six characters, as their lives entwined together into quilts of lust, love, and deception. The chapters are written from each characters point of view and filled with his or her emotions. The storyline is real and the voices are right on point. Unfortunately, I had issues with this book. I understand the author wrote this book while in Afghanistan (thank you for serving), but more care should’ve been taken with the editing. The job was poor and resulted in this reader not caring much for the characters or swimming my way through the errors, it was very distracting. At one point in the book, the correct word to use would’ve been “might” but the end result was “my”. Had this not been a review book, I would’ve filed it under “File 13” because of the errors alone. But all in all, the story was REALLY good.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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