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NEW REVIEW: Silk White - Tears of a Hustler 2

Silk White
Tears of a Hustler 2
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1 out of 5 books

Tears of a Hustler 2 by Silk White picks up right where the last book left off: With Christie hearing that fatal gunshot go off in the bathroom where the love of her life Shawn 'Spanky' Martin has just committed suicide after losing the title fight against James 'The Terminator' Johnson. The question on why Spanky killed himself still remained.  After the loss of Spanky, Christie slipped into a deep depression and the only thing that seemed to ease the pain was the drugs she quickly became addicted to. Ali is locked behind bars, with Nancy holding him down. Ali is stumped on who could have been the snake within his camp that snitched and got him locked away. Even while in prison, Ali is running a smooth operation, leaving G-Money to run things on the street. With a crooked detective running around trying to make sure the rest of his crew is locked up, it is difficult for the crew to move about how they would like. But when the tables turn, who is going to be left standing and on top of the game?

Tears of a Hustler 2 by Silk White left me stunned. After reading the first book and seeing what Mr. White is capable of producing, I was highly disappointed that the sequel fell short of the first novel. There was too much going on within the confines of each page. Contradicting scenes, such as drug dealer's keeping a low profile, yet riding throughout the hood in a limo. Seriously?! Who does that? Questions from the previous novel were not answered, and there were unbelievable scenes that had me shaking my head in disbelief. Adding to this, editing issues and misspellings left for a poorly written novel. I do plan to read the 3rd novel only because I really enjoyed the first novel with the hopes that the 3rd one will be better than the second installment.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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