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NEW REVIEW: Tha Twinz - Crime Pays

Tha Twinz
Crime Pays
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2 out of 5 books

Manny Black came to the United States from Colon, Panama for a better way of living. He dreams of becoming rich, no matter how he has to do it, even if it means robbery and/or murder. After crossing paths with a dangerous group of Cubans, he is put in a position that will soon make him and his brother Rico a lot of money, so much money in fact that with more money comes more problems. Rico does not know the extent that Manny has to go to in order to get the drugs from the connect. The primo cocaine that they have comes from more than just that of money.

Rico is Manny's hotheaded brother. Manny is the brains behind the the organization and leader of the M3 Boys, while Rico is the one that handles the ins and outs of the daily operations. When the crime family, the Marielitos, come to the brothers to tell them to stay off their turf, Rico pulls the trigger and kills one of their lieutenants. In turn, this would set off a huge war on the streets. While the bodies are piling up, loyalty and lines are about to be crossed. When it is all said and done, Manny will be wondering who it is he can truly trust.

Crime Pays by Tha Twinz is a book about family, loyalty, friendship, drugs and murder. Aside from the fact that the book had some editing issues, the story itself had some scenarios that were just highly unbelievable and contradicting. In one part of the story, Manny makes it a point to tell his girl not to trust anyone, yet Manny seems to trust people from the start of meeting them. This is not a good business practice, especially in the drug game. Some of the situations in the book had me constantly shaking my head thinking to myself, SERIOUSLY??! Some of the things that happened were simple, especially in the beginning of the story. The story had the potential to be a better story, but unfortunately the execution failed.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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