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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Urban Reviews Dollar Menu - $1 Kindle E-books by African American Authors




Fornicate by Julia Press Simmons -
In This Life by Leo Sullivan -
Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam by Imani True and Dreama Skye -
My Husband And My Wifey by Desiree Day -
The Committee by Desiree Day -
Beautifully Imperfect by Phoenix C. Brown - (No longer $1)
Yesterday's Lies by Terri D. - (No longer $1)
I'd Rather Be Single by Various Authors (Tysha, Lashonda Devaughn, Mimi Renee, Kaie Golson) -
Fannin' Old Flamez by Tracy L. Cooper - 
The Corner (Slim's Revenge) by Alex Richardson -
Dayvon's Story: A Thug's Life by Thomas Long -
King by Tremayne Johnson -
A Drug Dealer's Dream by Tremayne Johnson -
Moist by Dean Jean Pierre -
Shady by Dell Banks - (No longer $1)
In The Cut by Kevin Bullock -
Trained to Go by Kevin Bullock -
Young Savage by Rasheed -
Chronicles Of A Single Chick by Leila Jefferson -
Twisted by Ni'cola - (No longer $1)
Black Cherry by Zaria -
Swag by Monica Marie Jones - (No longer $1)
The Ups and Downs of Being Round by Monica Marie Jones - (No longer $1)
Floss by Monica Marie Jones - (No longer $1)
Never Dead by Jumata Emill Jones -
Bluesday by Adrienne Thompson -
It's In My Blood by Shawneda Marks -
Life Knows No Bounds: One Who Loves You More by Andrea Clinton -
Vampire Whore by Adenike Lucas -
Crave All, Lose All by Erick S. Gray -
Charge It To The Game by Tonya Blount -
Always, Now and Forever Love Hurts by Shelia Lipsey -
Interruption: The Gospel According to Crystal Justine by Tracey Michae'l Lewis -
The Gospel According to Sacha Renee by Tracey Michae'l Lewis -
Hot Fun In The Summertime by Chicki Brown - (No longer $1)
I Can't Get Next to You by Chicki Brown - (No longer $1)
Hollywood Swinging by Chicki Brown - (No longer $1)
Have You Seen Her? by Chicki Brown - (No longer $1)
In Need of A Joshua Man by Teresa D. Patterson -
Project Queen by Teresa D. Patterson - (No longer $1)
Project Queen II by Teresa D. Patterson - (No longer $1)
Ex-Girlfriend by Teresa D. Patterson - (No longer $1)
Fetish: An Erotic Anthology by Teresa D. Patterson -
Spin Cycle by Teresa D. Patterson - (No longer $1)
Panzina's Passion by Teresa D. Patterson - (No longer $1)
Headlines by Teresa D. Patterson -
Uncrossing Her Legs by Teresa D. Patterson - (No longer $1)
What About Your Friends by Teresa D. Patterson - (No longer $1)
All or Nothing by Blake Karrington -
A Price To Pay For Everything by Kameisha Jenkins -
Deja by Tajana Sutton -
Mama Don't Like Ugly by Rekaya Gibson -
A Rumble in VA by Rayven Skyy - (No longer $1)
Holy Trinity by C.M. Spence -
A Change of Grace by Marva Farris -
Secrets Unraveled by JJ Michaels -
When Love Isn't Enough by Stephanie Casher -
Nayla's Dilemma: The Ends of Justice by Toye Lawson Brown -
The Friday House by D. K. Gaston -
Darkest Hours by D.K. Gaston -
The Promise by D. K. Gaston -
Tease by Keith Gaston - (No longer $1)
Devyne Envy by Sankofa -
Strawberry Mansion: A Philadelphia Story by Julia Press Simmons -
Begonia Brown: A Philadelphia Story by Julia Press Simmons -
Vicious by Alicia Howard -
Blind Love by Mark O'Neal -
At Last by Bianca Eugene - (No longer $1)
Signs of Love by Chanta Rand - (No longer $1)
Heart Stealer by Tiphanie Thomas - (No longer $1)
Bankroll Squad by David Weaver -
YMN by Jerrice Owens -
Devious Savages by Leila Jefferson -
Kismet by Raynesha Pittman -
Men and Sex - Power, Pleasure, Pain by C. Mikki -
Chante's Song by Donneil D. Jackson -
Ulterior Motives by Mark O'Neal -
Country Boy by Blake Karrington -
Last Train to Paris by Ebony S. Garris -
Smoke & Mirrors by K.R. Bankston - (No longer $1)
From A Thug 2 A Man by C-Note -
A Hood Chick's Story by LaShonda Devaughn -
God's Helps Those by Alan Cramer -
Luck of the Draw by Anna Black -
Laugh Now by Rahiem Brooks -
Die Later by Rahiem Brooks -
Con Test: Double Life by Rahiem Brooks -
Harlem Girl Lost 2 by Treasure E. Blue -
Twisted Obsession by Purity Dotson -
Don't Say You Do If You Don't by Charles Burgess -
Babies' Daddies by Marlene -
Making It On My Own by Marlene -
Jamaican Gal by Marlene -
Island Beauty by Marlene -
The View From Here by Rachel Howzell -
Blackface by Q. B. Wells -
Between The Sheets by Various Authors -
Crossroads: An Anthology by Elizabeth LaShaun, Keith Williams, KR Bankston, & D K Gaston -
The Life by Alan Cramer -
Stone's Revenge by Sylvia Hubbard -
Stealing Innocence by Sylvia Hubbard -
Deceptive Nights by Sylvia Hubbard -
Dreams of Reality by Sylvia Hubbard - (No longer $1)
How Did I Get Here? by Ahmad Aleem Williams -
Fighting the Desires by Toye Brown -
Dreams of Ecstasy for Francine Craft -
Passion's Fool by Francine Craft -
Designed for Passion by Francine Craft -
Dying on the Edge by Francine Craft -

~~~NEWLY ADDED AS OF 8PM CST 12/26!!!~~~
The Book of Lies, Mistrust, and Mistakes by Andrew J Rainey Jr - (No longer $1)
Livin The Fast Life by Tivona Elliott -
Freedom Is Not Free by King James -
Tangled Webs by King James and Bobby Rodgers -
Paradyce by Cynthia Williams -
Draw by J Real -
An Urban Drama by Roy Glenn -
All About The Money by Roy Glenn -
Three The Hard Way by Roy Glenn -
Scorned Hearts by Leila Jefferson -
A Place To Go (Anthology) by Leila Jefferson, Rukyyah, Shay Gray, etc -
Every Man's Dream by Leila Jefferson -
He's A Keeper by Leila Jefferson -
Naughty But Definitely Not Nice (Anthology) by Leila Jefferson, Rukyyah, etc -
Tasty Temptations by Leila Jefferson -
Street Life: My Story Uncut by Jihad -
Keeper of Secrets...Translations of an Incident by Anjuelle Floyd -
Courtney's Collage by Barbara Joe Williams -
Forgive Us This Day by Barbara Joe Williams -
Falling For Lies by Barbara Joe Williams -
Dancing With Temptation by Barbara Joe Williams -
Baring It All by Gena Garrison -
The Rainbow Z by Zaria Garrison -
Tre Pound by Jordan Belcher -
Drama by George Sherman Hudson -
Finding Closure by Aaron Ashford -
Patches of Grey by Roy L. Pickering -
The Last Ms. Understanding by RL Taylor -
Dreaming of A Crayon Sun by RL Taylor -
Check Mate by RL Taylor -
MONSTER by Arielle Crowell -
Purple Haze by JA Adams - (No longer $1)
Lovin' You Is Wrong by Alisha Yvonne -

Added 1-8-2012
The Boy Who Needed Someone by Teresa D. Patterson -
My Cousin Lenore by Teresa D. Patterson -
Survivin' The Game by Leila Jefferson -
A Gangster's Melody by Sean A Wright -
Me and My Bitch by David Weaver -
A Love Story by David Weaver -
The Aslaric Vampire by David Weaver -
16 Bars: A Short Story Mixtape by Ran Walker -
A Black Girl's Poetry For The World by Kimberly LaRocca -
Journey's End by LaNina King -
Scores to Settle by Myne Whitman -
Love Happens by Myne Whitman -
Coffee, Cream, and Curry by Judy Powell -
The Twins by Danisha Ford -
Some Like It Hot by Judy Powell -
Hot Summer by Judy Powell -
Hot Chocolat by Judy Powell -
Secrets Buried In The Soul (Why Settle Be Less) by Deborah Kabwang -
It's Crunchtime by Marie Brewer -
Law and Disorder: Partners Uncovered by Toye Lawson Brown -
Keep It 100: Real Talk on being a Real Man by Rickey Teems -
Pernicious by James Henderson -
Bumped by Sibylla Nash -
Gangsta Girl by George Sherman Hudson -
Gangsta Girl 2 by George Sherman Hudson -
Gangsta Girl 3 by George Sherman Hudson -
Spirit Fruit: Collected Speculative Fiction by Carole McDonnell -
The Pussy Whispers by Dean Jean-Pierre -
Dear Summer by K. Elliott -
Street Fame by K. Elliott -
Entangled by K. Elliott -
Dilemma by K. Elliott -
Treasure Hunter by K. Elliott -
In The Cut by K. Elliott -
The Game Has No Loyalty by June -
Chance And Drama by Kole Black -
The Moment of Truth by Mark O'Neal -
She Was A Friend Of Mine by Tamika Newhouse -
Vengeance Is Mine (My Nemesis series) by Aija Butler -
The Mind's Eye (My Nemesis series) by Aija Butler -
The Trilogy (all 3 books in My Nemesis series) by Aija Butler -

Chronicles of A Junky: The Beginning by Sa'id Salaam -
Chronicles of A Junky II by Sa'id Salaam -
Dope Boy by Sa'id Salaam -
Dope Boy 2 by Sa'id Salaam -
Tyce by Shareef Jaudon -
The Game Don't Love Nobody by Kre -
Fame and Low Lo by Sabrina A. Eubanks -
Dirty Laundry by Chanta Rand -
The Highest Bidder by Chanta Rand -
Decisions by Yvette St. Clair -
Memoirs of A Creole Crime Cartel by Red Snapper -
Seductive Company by Red Snapper and Sexy India -
Scandalous Motives-Urban Erotica Bliss Part I by Red Snapper -
Scandalous Motives: Relentless Ambition by Red Snapper -
Scandalous Motives: Heartless Reactions by Red Snapper -
Contagious Lust: An Anthology by Red Snapper -
Acts of Congress by Red Snapper -
The Peculiar Ones: The Plantation at Windsor Ruins (The Dark Legend Series) by Red Snapper -
Curse of the Nocturnal Seductress by Red Snapper -
A Hard Man Is Good To Find by James A Lewis -
Black Butterfly by Dante Feenix -
Black Butterfly 2 by Dante Feenix -
Black Butterfly 3 by Dante Feenix -
Blackberry Molasses: The Misunderstanding of Don Ho I by Cedric Quincy -
Free Your Mind (The Misunderstanding of Don Ho II) by Cedric Quincy -
Ace of Heartz by Jean Holloway -
Black Jack by Jean Holloway -
Deuces Wild by Jean Holloway -
Eat The Damn Cake by Teresa Rae Butler -
Sweet Soliloquy by Monica Marie Jones -
Taste My Soul by Monica Marie Jones -

God Helps Those by Alan Cramer -
The Shuffled Hustle by LaNina King -
The Ultimate No-No by Tamika Newhouse -
Who's Got Skills by Tyrenna Tolbert -
Rhythm And Skills (prequel to The Preacherman Blues) by Jihad -
The Preacherman Blues by Jihad -
Wild Cherry by Jihad -
MVP by Jihad -
The Survival Bible: 16 Life Lessons for Young Black Men by Jihad -
Babygirl by Jihad -
Mistaken Identity by Sylvia Hubbard -
I Am Going Where I Belong by Hans Lindor -

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