Saturday, December 31, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Timothy Michael Carson - Love's Damage

Timothy Michael Carson
Love's Damage
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2 out to 5 books

Love's Damage by Timothy Michael Carson tells the story of Kenton, Anjel and Shawna and the ups and downs of their love relationships. Kenton thinks he has found love, but when the person he loves the most commits the ulitimate betrayal, it scars Kenton and hardens his heart against love. He begins to meet his conquests online and only one person seems to capture his heart, but it may be too late. After his many sexual trysts, he realizes too late that he could have had a shot at true love. Will he be able to let go of his past hurts to move forward and give love another shot? Anjel refuses to accept the fact that her former fiancee no longer wants her. Anjel is determined to get him back, no matter what she has to do...even if it means slashing his tires. Anjel is borderline crazy in love...literally. Shawna is Kenton's cousin. After being heartbroken, Shawna develops the mindset to use men for what they can give her, even if it's just one night of pleasure...never wanting to go down the path called love ever again.

Love's Damage by Timothy Michael Carson is a story of friendship, heartbreak and mending. In reading this novel, I noticed the author kept making reference to what song was playing (unnecessary to the storyline) or what each character was wearing (again, unnecessary to the storyline.) The storyline with Anjel could have made for a suspenseful read if the author would have gave more detail to some of the things Anjel was doing instead of just stating them in one paragraph. The story lacked any real suspense until the last twenty pages or so and then something climatic happened and then the story just....ended. With a little more development  Love's Damage could have been a better story.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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