Saturday, December 31, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Curtis Bunn - A Cold Piece Of Work

Curtis Bunn
A Cold Piece Of Work
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3.5 out of 5 books

Solomon Singletary is referred by his best friend as “a cold piece of work.” Solomon is one of those sexy bruthas...a real ladies man. He tends to keep around four women on rotation to satisfy all his sexual needs. Each lady brings something different to the table. Although the ladies do not know about one another, Solomon has made it clear to them that he was not looking to settle down and that he just wanted to have fun and enjoy the time that he spends with them and that they should do the same. It's all no strings attached but with one stipulation: if he finds out that one of them is seeing someone else, it would be over.

Solomon may be a cold piece of work, but his past experiences with women have hurt him and caused him to be the man he is. Solomon has one soft spot though and that is the children. He volunteers as a coach at a local community center where there is one particular kid named Gerald that stands out from the rest. When Solomon finds out that Gerald’s mother is a woman from his past that he left high and dry, he realizes that she is his one regret in life. Solomon is determined to make amends and seek forgiveness from the one woman he ever truly loved. The question is, will she be willing to forgive and forget?

A Cold Piece of Work by Curtis Bunn was a story of love, lust, sex and secrets. The story is told from a man’s prospective on love, trusting in his feelings and in turn, trusting a woman. I appreciated the banter between the male characters in the book because the topics that were discussed were insightful coming from a man’s point of view. My one suggestion to Mr. Bunn would be to be careful on using song titles within his story that do not match up to the timeline of the storyline. Although a tad repetitive and one part being a bit farfetched, the story within A Cold Piece of Work was very good.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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