Saturday, December 31, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Gwyneth Bolton - Ready For Love

Gwyneth Bolton
Ready For Love
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5 out of 5 books

Maritza Morales thought she had left her life as a video model behind years ago. She has even started a company with her best friend, Penny, that repairs the images of athletes and celebrities. Even though she gives her clients new images, she can't seem to leave hers in the past. Terrell Carter is also best friends with Penny, knows all about Maritza's past, and still wants Maritza in the worst way. Maritza has secretly wanted Terrell since the first time she laid eyes on him. But with a secret that she has from her past, she feels that she is not good enough for the music mogul. Maritza gets Terrell to agree to a secret affair. That is not quit what he had in mind, but he would go along with it for awhile. When a bizarre chain of events happen, Terrell has to literally fight for his woman. With the help of family and friends, will Maritza realize her true worth and go after the man of her dreams?

Ready for Love is a fantastic read by Gwyneth Bolton, especially if you are a follower of the Hightowers. Maritza and Terrell's relationship has been in the works from the beginning of the series, and Bolton did a wonderful job of finally putting these two together. Her style of writing just flows. She is able to bring the characters to life and pull you into the story. Ready for Love is yet another winner!

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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