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NEW REVIEW: Red Snapper and Sexy India - Seductive Company

Red Snapper and Sexy India
Seductive Company
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1 out of 5 books

India Wynn works for a Fortune 500 company where she has worked extremely hard to maintain the position she has, working her way up the corporate ladder. India is a beautiful woman that has everything she could ever want. The one thing her friends think India is missing is a man to share her success with. With all the work India does for the company, it leaves little to no room to play when it comes to dating. Or so... they think.

When the assistant to the CEO enlists India's help in a special assignment on the Caribbean Island in the Bahamas, India is skeptical because of what her job would entail. After seeing she does not have much of a choice in the matter and not to mention that it's a paid vacation with an unlimited spending account, India jumps at the chance. Little does she know, she is being set up to take the fall for a multi-million dollar scam that could destroy everything she has worked for. The question is, who is setting India up for the fall and why?

Seductive Company by Red Snapper and Sexy India unfortunately is not a book I would recommend. Aside from the major editing issues and misspellings, none of the characters seemed to have a voice of their own. All the characters seemed to talk to themselves. There was too many sexual scenes with random people, and casual sex that was unprotected. Not once did I see the word condom used within the story. The problem with this is that it is unrealistic because not once was there mention of anyone getting an STD, AIDS or pregnancy. When you have unprotected sex with multiple partners, there are bound to be consequences and there were NONE within this story. There is also a time lapse discrepency in the story that should have been caught before the book went to print. The main character India must have had kryptonite between her legs because EVERYBODY seemed to fall in love and want to be with her (and when I say everybody, I mean everybody from men to women...Unrealistic!) Also, the story was very repetitive and instead of writing a sequel the author's could have easily written this into one novel. The constant back and forth and repetitiveness made for a bad read.

My suggestion for these authors is to invest in a good editor and developmental editor to make this a smoother read.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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