Tuesday, July 08, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Crazy Summer by Cole Hart

2 out of 5 books

Summer is one who usually uses her body for what she wants and she is not ashamed of it. At the age of 16 she is the mother of a set of twin boys. When she gets pregnant with her third child, she decides to live with her baby’s father. From there her life seems to gradually flourish and become better. However, everything that looks good may not be good. From the loss of her first love to her stint in jail, things are not looking good for her. Can she get everything back in order or will she truly become Crazy Summer?

Crazy Summer by Cole Hart did very little  for me. It seemed extremely long and drawn out which caused me to lose focus on the story multiple times. There were certain moments when what happened to characters was just left in the air. I did not like that the book went from the character being a teenager to the character having grandchildren. This just made the book seem that much longer. Crazy Summer would be better off as two books instead of one. I believe that with better editing and more developmental editing this author will put out more successful books in the future.
Mary Green
Urban Reviews

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