Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NEW REVIEW: The Face Within by SJ Blenman

3.5 out of 5 books

After clocking out for the day as a police officer, Copper as they refer to them, where the story sets place in England, Dean Richards comes across a couple arguing and quickly steps in before it can escalate further. He follows the woman, Clarissa Morgan home to make sure she makes it home safely. What happens though after is something totally out of the ordinary for either one. They soon find themselves in the heated throws of passion and what was to be a one night stand turns into Clarissa having to make a decision on which man she wants. Clarissa does not see a future with her ex-boyfriend Lewis because he got caught cheating. Clarissa is not one to forgive as easily as her sister is trying to get her to do. On the other hand she is not sure what the future holds for Dean and her since they both come from totally different backgrounds.
On the surface Clarissa’s sister Adele’s marriage seems like a happy one, with a handsome husband, beautiful children and a huge house to boot, with no need to worry about money. So why is it that she chooses to make the decision to ultimately betray those closest people to her? Adele is selfish, rude and a b!tch to most and does not think of her consequences until it is too late. Will she wind up losing it all?
When Dean discovers what Clarissa does for a living it makes not only for an awkward moment but it takes Dean a moment to sort out his feelings. When a beautiful young woman is found murdered, their lives will intertwine in a way that they least expect. Both of them are left doubting, if the other can be trusted. The depth of this crime in linked and magnified to something unimaginable. Friendships and loyalties will be tested. The question is when this mystery unfolds what will Clarissa and Dean do? When it is all said and done they are going to have to do some things they never thought they would ever have to do. Will their blossoming relationship be able to withstand this test?
The Face Within by SJ Blenman is a story of love, relationships, criminal activities and murder. Although the story starts off with a slow start and it begins mainly with a relationship aspect to the storyline,  it slowly moves into the mystery/crime and the puzzle of the crimes slowly unravel. With a good developmental editor the story could have begun sooner with the mystery and crimes to keep the reader engaged from the very beginning. Aside from the fact that there were editing and grammatical issues within the story, the book in itself was a pretty good read.
Reviewed by Leona
Urban Reviews

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