Wednesday, July 02, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Beautiful Nightmare By Johnna B

4 out of 5 books

Have you ever met someone so handsome or beautiful it renders you speechless? Breath becomes hard to receive, you imagine yourself in positions reserved for porno movies? Just thinking about him or her, makes your heart and your pulse beat faster?

Raven is every man's dream and every woman's nightmare! She is sexy personified! Every curve in just the right places, and body toned and sleek. She makes the men drool and the women hold a little tighter. But her little secret will be a surprise to them all!

Meet Valencia Ball. She's a dark beauty who doesn't seem to know her worth. She works hard at the law firm she's employed at. Valencia longs for the experience of real love, not the dirty past of so called uncles violating her innocence, calling it love. But when she meets Kidd Valencia finds it hard to pay attention to the reason why he's here. A beautiful male specimen, chiseled, sexy and a gorgeous smile is following her to a conference room. Walking behind this beautiful creature, Kidd is having erotic daydreams watching her shapely figure covered by her designer wear.

The desire between Valencia and Kidd is raw and fresh. Could he be the one to bring her boring life some excitement? Could she be the one who makes him quit the game and settle down? But what happens when sultry sexy Raven appears and sets her sights on being the One. Will she put their ideas of happiness together to a test? Or does she have her own agenda?

This was an interesting read, even though at times it reminded me of movies touching on the same subject matter. But what made it different was the twist, I definitely didn't expect it and it proved to make the storyline more interesting. The only downside to the book was the many wrong word tenses and sometimes missing whole words. Maybe an additional bit of editing would have made this story a 5 star read. But don't sleep on this story, you'll take a ride you won't soon forget!

Melody Vernor-Bartel
Urban Reviews

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