Wednesday, July 02, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Imperfect Angel by Monique Grant

2 out of 5 books

Angel is the wife of Joey, an incarcerated low level dope boy. She works and tends to their baby girl while fending off the attention of a younger man that works at her job. Angel finds herself submitting to her need for a companion as well as a male figure in her home, while continuing to lie to Joey. Angel has to decide how long she can continue this love triangle or is she strong enough to deal someone a losing hand…or will she end up the loser in the end?

Imperfect Angel is your basic hood story with the infamous ‘beautiful, bodacious chick’, the fine men that all want her, and the oversaturated sex scenes. There was no originality within this storyline and poor editing made this just ‘a read’, nothing to brag about or recommend. 

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