Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NEW REVIEW: The Dark Hunger by Joelle Sterling

4 out of 5 books

The Dark Hunger by Joelle Sterling is the second installment to the Eternal Dead Series. The first book left off with Jonas returning back to Haiti in search of Mamba Mathilde to see if the curse that was put upon him could be removed. Holland is sent away to Stoneham Academy, a school that she will be able to learn more about the witchcraft she possesses and how to use it.

In the meantime the city of Frombleton seems to have gone crazy. The once peaceful town is now under a shroud of terror. A foreman of one of the onion fields that the immigration workers tend suddenly turns on one of the field hands named Pedro, and bites his flesh all the way down to the bone. Pedro is sent to the hospital. His wounds are so bad that it is a wonder he has survived. Or, has he? When Pedro awakens in the hospital madness ensues and no one, not even the hospital employees are safe and no one on the streets of Frombleton or the surrounding area is either, with these Zombies/flesh eaters on the prowl for fresh meat.

Not only are there zombies roaming the area but there is a new Vampire that has come to town since the demise of the leader, and his purpose is to become not only the leader but to rule the town of Frombleton.  His idea: that humans are to be at the vampires beck and call when their hunger arises. If not, then they will be punished severly.

Although, before leaving, Jonas promised to stay in touch with Holland he feels as if Holland would be better off without him. He refuses to reach out to her, with the hopes that Holland would just forget about him. The love he has for her causes him to ache to kiss and touch her but he knows deep down that she is better off without him. Unfortunately, he is unable to rest with the image embedded in his mind that Holland may be in danger. Not only that but his mind will not let him rest with the cries and screams from those he has spawned. Now it is up to Jonas to go back to lead those of his pack and hopefully get Holland out of harm’s way before it is too late.

The Dark Hunger by Joelle Sterling was a very good read. It has more action than the previous book, Midnight Cravings, and it has the reader on the edge of their seat wondering how this story is going to play itself out. Who will survive the zombies or the vampires? The story is very graphic when it comes to the flesh eaters but Ms. Sterling does a great job in being as descriptive as she can, the story will play out like a well scripted movie in the readers head.

Reviewed by Leona

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