Tuesday, July 08, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Darker Than Night by Erick Burgess

4 out of 5 books

There is a serial killer in town and it appears that no one in town is safe. Detective Carter Williams is on the scene after returning from a suspension.  He is one of the best detectives and they know that if the murders can be solved, he is definitely the one to do it. The killer is leaving a very distinct message at the scene of each crime. It appears after each murder the killer has the approval of the public. They are on his side! They believe he is a modern day vigilante. Detective Williams goes above and beyond to crack the case, even in the midst of personal problems at home. The closer he gets to solving the case, the stranger things get. What he finds is a shock to him and everyone around him.

Darker Than Night by Erick Burgess is an awesome read. It was well written, has great character development and several twists and turns. I found myself thinking I solved the case but in actuality I was wrong.  You know you are reading a good well written book when you start talking to the characters. If you enjoy reading mystery, suspense and thriller books, I encourage you to pick up Darker Than Night. You won’t be disappointed.

 Eraina Tinnin

Urban Reviews

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