Wednesday, July 02, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Charly's Epic Fiascos by Kelli London

4 out of 5 books

When you've had enough , you either do one of two things: you put up with it or you move on . Charly picked the best choice for her... she eventually moves on. Growing up and living with her mother Brigette, has been anything but a dream ... more so like nightmare. After Brigette was laid off from work ,Charly was stuck working and paying bills for her so called mother . Brigette wasn't your typical loving mother. She was all about self, and would stoop to any level...even.stealing money from Charly.

 While Charly was working to save for the things she wanted and to keep food in the refridgerator for her mom and little Stormy . Once Charly had enough of Brigette's constant theifing , she leaves and has no plans on coming back .
I really liked Charly's Epic Fiascos by Kelli London . It was a good fast read and told a great story . The only thing that I disliked about the book is how the character's view points switched back and forth making it a bit confusing.. Other than that the book was pretty much on point .

Reviewed by Tabitha (Leona's daughter)
Urban Reviews

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