Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Miss Nobody by Nicole Dunlap

4.5 out of 5 books

Miss Nobody is the first book in the Shaw Family Saga. At 15-years old, Charlene Shaw runs away from home in search of the bright lights of Hollywood. On the way to reaching her dream, she faces many obstacles that try to block her path. One of these obstacles is her infant daughter Raven. She decides to leave her daughter behind while she continues on to Hollywood. Raven is raised by her grandparents in her mother’s hometown of Bellwood, North Carolina. As Raven gets older and is determined to move on with her life, she is determined to find out more about her mother and why she abandoned her. When mother and daughter finally meet, Raven requests two major things of her mother. Are these requests worth the destruction they will cause?
Nicole Dunlap did an excellent job with this book. She didn't just tell a story, but she painted a picture. We learned about each of the characters in great detail. I also enjoyed how she allowed the characters environment to play a part in the story. By learning about character’s backgrounds, it allowed the reader to have a greater understanding of the actions that were made by each person. I am hoping that in the upcoming books the author will reveal more about the secrets that were briefly touched on in this book. I will be continuing with his saga to learn more about the Shaws and to see where it goes next with them. Kudos to you Nicole Dunlap!
Mary Green
Urban Reviews

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