Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NEW REVIEW: Secret Affair by Melissa Love

2 out of 5 books

Secret Affair by Melissa Love revolves around Carter Perry and his wife Keisha Perry. Carter and a group of guys from the office hang out weekly where the men discuss any and everything. Lately, the discussions have been about Carter and his philandering ways. Carter eventually feels like the tables have been turned and that Keisha may be cheating on him, but could it just be his conscious thinking that or is she really? If she is cheating the question is with whom? Will Carter find the answer to this looming question or is he just paranoid?

Secret Affair by Melissa Love had a good plot but I would have liked to have seen more character development. With a little more patience and development this could have easily been a book of 200 pages instead of the 75 pages it actually was. The story had numerous errors and typos ranging from punctuation to past and present tense. There is a twist in the end but the whole book is given to you in the synopsis which leaves nothing to the reader’s imagination.

Reviewed by Sophia
Urban Reviews

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