Friday, July 25, 2014

NEW REVIEW : With This Ring by Allison Hobbs

3 out of 5 books

With This Ring by Allison Hobbs is the anticipated follow-up to Put a Ring on It. Last we saw Nivea she was having an affair with her sister's husband, and thought the baby she was carrying was his. When Nivea receives the paternity test results back she is stunned. Will the results sever her family? Nivea has always been selfish but when she decides that she wants the best for her baby, she will not stop until she gets what she feels like she and her baby are entitled to, no matter who she hurts in the process. In the end, will Nivea get what she has wanted for the longest? A man to Put a Ring on It?

Harlow is still recovering from her wedding fiasco, where it landed one person dead. Now Harlow is beginning to wonder if she knows the man she married. Is her husband Drake Morgan involved in something illegal? Anytime Harlow tries to bring up the subject Drake shuts her down. So when Drake starts traveling more often than he use to and not taking her along like he did in the past, Harlow begins to question if the marriage can stand the secrets that Drake is keeping from her.

Vangie is desperate for the man she is seeing to put a ring on her hand, but he makes it clear that he is a proclaimed bachelor and is not looking to be married ever. She lets this man use her as his personal sex toy and the unfortunate thing is Vangie hates the sex between them. The only thing she receives out of it is just a few shopping sprees but what Vangie really needs is money. So she compromises her morals and turns the tables. She brings her alter ego the next time she sees him, and she demands what she needs. After awhile though, she begins to see how sick he really is. She starts feeling disgusted with the whole thing leaves her alter ego at the door. In the midst of her problems she finds an unexpected love. The question is will she give in to it or will she walk away?

With This Ring by Allison Hobbs was a good read but I felt it lacked the substance behind the Harlow and Drake senerio. It was hard to wrap my mind around a wife not demanding answers or trying to find out what it was exactly her husband was into. I just can't see a woman going through what Harlow went through and shaking it off right away without being scarred in some way or scared for her life The Drake part of the story is what brought my rating down. The rest of the story was very good. I have read almost all of Ms. Hobbs novels and I just felt that one part of the novel fell short of her previous novels.

Reviewed by Leona
Urban Reviews

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