Wednesday, July 02, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Distraction by J.L. Campbell

3 out of 5 books

Distraction told the story of three good friends: Dionne, Kyra, & Justine. The book begins with Justine and her extra-marital activities – which definitely caught my attention. Kyra who had her shares of bumps & bruises along her journey, and to round off the cast of characters we have Dionne. Dionne definitely wants what she wants at any cost.

Distraction had all of the elements for a good story; secret & lies, adultery, and suspense – but somewhere between all of those elements were confusion. There were some parts of the book I had to reread some of it to make sure I was still on the right track – which lead me to be distracted. (Pun Intended) There were some jaw-dropping moments during the read.

Was this a bad read? No! Overall, this was a so-so read for me.

Orsayor Simmons
Urban Reviews

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