Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NEW REVIEW: Sex, Lies, and Child Support: The Unholy Trinity by E. Lemont Goode, Jr.

5 out of 5 books

Mikaela Carter is one of Atlanta’s most sought after attorneys and yet feared by her opponents in the courtroom. Mikaela is the attorney that women get who have a child or children by wealthy men that refuse to take care of their child/children to get what is rightly deserved to take care of a child. Trust and believe Mikaela will seek out more than enough in child care expenses to be awarded to her clients. Along with the money and prestige of being a hotshot attorney, Mikaela is also a very beautiful woman yet the one thing she is missing is a love of her own.
From the outside looking in Leah Sanchez’s life seems good. But as we all know things are not always what they appear. Leah is fed up with her husband and his philandering ways so she kicks him out. The daughter they have is the one thing that they both love more than anything. A nasty divorce is on the horizon but where will it leave their daughter? Not only that, but secrets that were long buried are about to be unearthed and if her secret is exposed it could potentially cause both of them a world of hurt. Leah will eventually have to face the source of her deepest secret and when she does life as she knows it soon turns to a living hell.
Jordan Michaels is a professional basketball player who is one of good ones. He has a wife that is very supportive and loving to not only him but to his son that he has by his baby mama.  It is starting to become a problem though when Jordan and his wife has his son more than the mother. With Jordan paying so much in child support it only makes sense that they get full custody. When they proceed with trying to get full custody, it causes more drama than they could have ever suspected. When these three lives intersect, each of these individual’s lives will be turned upside down and the consequences of their actions will result in an explosive turn of events.
Sex, Lies, and Child Support: The Unholy Trinity by E. Lemont Goode Jr. was an excellent read! Every turn of the page the reader is sucked into these characters lives and like a fly on a wall sees the drama unfold. Mr. Goode weaved together a novel that has many twists the reader will not see coming.  I really enjoyed this novel and I definitely plan to read his first novel GAME and any future works from him.
Reviewed by Leona
Urban Reviews

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