Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Believe In Me by Regena Bryant

3.5 out of 5 books

Catherine "Kitty" Franklin has been cleaning up her father's indiscretions for so long she no longer knows the difference between right and wrong. Kitty Franklin is an attorney to her father, Congressman, Roosevelt Franklin. He views Kitty as the son he never had since he winded up having three daughters. Kitty will do anything to keep her father's name clear, but lately she is starting to wonder if she wants to continue living this way. It is putting major stress and a strain on her relationships with her sisters and mother. When she by chance meets the new executive director of the Franklin Family Life Center, she cannot believe that someone this good has been placed into her life.

Davis Thornton has come to Washington to meet with Congressman Franklin after accepting his dream job. Coincidently, he meets Kitty under very unusual circumstances. The two fall for each other hard, heavy, and quick. However, there are so many obstacles in their way trying to keep them apart, the biggest being her father. But after the Congressmans latest indiscretion, Kitty now has to choose between her father and the man she has fallen in love with, all while keeping her family intact.

Believe In Me is a pretty good read. There are moments throughout the story where it does not flow well and the writing is a little choppy. Other than that, Ms. Bryant, does an excellent job with the character development. There are also several storylines happening simultaneously, which the author does a terrific job of giving in-depth descriptions of. For this being a debut novel,  Believe In Me was a well written novel.

Reviewed by Tenecia
Urban Reviews

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