Wednesday, July 02, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Mustafa’s Game by The G

3 out of 5 books

Mustafa’s Game is the tale of Mustafa’s life in the streets. After witnessing his parent’s addiction to drugs he strays away from that area of the streets. Instead he chooses to rob the drug dealers of their money and drugs. In his mind this is payback for the drug dealers who took his parents away from him. He even brings in the only person he trusts into the stings, his girlfriend Dani. Mustafa finally thinks he has the perfect plan to score a major hit. He will soon learn that this hit is not at all what it really looks like. Has fate finally caught up with Mustafa and Dani? Is the saying true that there is no loyalty among thieves?

Mustafa’s Game by The G is an intriguing tale. This book did not come across as the usual drug dealing street tale. The author told a good underdog story and gave just enough details to get his point across. While reading Mustafa’s Game, I constantly rooted for the underdog. Even though some may not see Mustafa as an underdog, I considered him an underdog because he did not portray the lifestyle of so many around him. There were grammatical errors that were hard for the reviewer to overlook. There were also areas within the book in which the story did not flow efficiently, causing me to read over those areas multiple times. Some of the characters that seemed to play a major role in the book were not fully developed. I felt that I didn't know them and could not relate to them. The reviewer would be willing to read another book by this author in order to see his growth as a writer and an author.
Mary Green
Urban Reviews

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