Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Dapper Carter's 8 Rules of Dating by Alan Mitchell

3 out of 5 books

Dapper Carter is the type of man who is married but lives the single life. Hanging out, partying with the guys, going to strip clubs and having sex with other women. His wife of six years, Kennedy, finally gets fed up with his bullsh!t and the way that he spends her money so she files for divorce. Something that Dapper never thought his wife would ever do. Never thinking of the consequences of his actions. When he talks to his boys, they are blunt, reminding him of all the stupid things he did to mess things up with a good woman like Kennedy. Although still hurt by the fact that Kennedy left him he decides to move from New Jersey to Brooklyn, New York for a fresh start.

Here is where he begins to look at himself and decides to make a few changes within himself. But are those changes really any better from before? Dapper decides after a brief time of wallowing in his self-pity that it is time to get back into the dating scene. In doing so he comes up with his own 8 rules of dating that he decides to follow. With these rules will he be able to find another good woman or will he just learn to appreciate dating and do a little better with the types of women he deals with?

Dapper Carter's 8 Rules of Dating by Alan Mitchell was a quick read. The story is told in first-person. At times it was unclear in the very beginning of the story what the first few rules were, but still these particular rules of dating are not your average type rules that most men would follow in trying to date. Basically this is not a self-help novel for men that are looking to for dating advice. This is just fiction! The story lacked substance, and it could have easily been avoided had the author just wrote one novel instead of having a sequel in the works.

Side Note: Although this does not affect my rating on the novel, I would like to point out to Mr. Mitchell to remember the first thing that catches a readers eye is the cover. Honestly, if I had not received this book for review I would have passed on it by the cover alone. With a woman who is nearly naked on the cover it is a turn off to female readers. The cover was not relevant to the actual story. Too many authors are putting half dressed/naked women on these covers, thinking sex sells, so it will sell my book. I am just suggesting that you take this into consideration and for your next cover have the cover pertain more  to the actual story or be more creative with the cover.

Reviewed by Leona
Urban Reviews

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